For Sale: Career Politician Mike Cooney

Does Democrat Mike Cooney really reject outside money?

Does Democrat Mike Cooney really reject outside money? Or is he just saying what he thinks voters want to hear? That’s the question raised by a new video from the Montana Republican party. Take a look:

So far, $12.2 million has been spent by outside groups on behalf of Cooney. Yet just last year, he promised to reject “dark money groups.”

Here’s more, from the Associated Press:

Montana Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney asked his fellow Democratic gubernatorial candidates Wednesday to limit outside spending and self-funding in the election by signing a pledge that one opponent’s campaign called a stunt that could hinder the party’s nominee in the November 2020 general election.

Cooney sent copies of the pledge to the other Democratic candidates before signing it himself at a news conference at the Capitol. He plans to follow the conditions even if none of the others sign it, though he said he doesn’t expect that to be an issue

“Everybody’s going to have to agree to it, I just don’t know why they wouldn’t,” he said. “If everybody signs it, that sends a very clear message to outside groups that we don’t want your involvement, please stay away.”

“Let’s reject dark money groups, let’s reject special interests, super PACs and the anonymous committees that take refuge in the shadows of a broken campaign finance system,” Cooney said.