Christine Drazan: A new direction for Oregon

Drazan, former Oregon House Republican leader, is the Republican nominee for Oregon governor. She lives in Oregon City

Per Oregon Live:

I am an Oregonian and my life is an Oregon story. Originally from Klamath Falls, I was raised during a time of job losses in the natural resource industry, which affected not only our family, but our entire community. These struggles gave me the gift of compassion for anyone facing a tough time and a sense of responsibility to make things better. Even then, it was hard to miss the connection between the hardships facing too many families in our area, and the politicians who left people behind – too often making things worse, not better.

It’s been years and miles since those days, but once again, far too many Oregonians are being left behind. Families are less stable, streets are less safe and opportunities have been dimmed by politicians who have pushed to exercise power instead of serving Oregonians. Put simply, they have made things worse, not better.

The Oregon we know and love is hurting.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m running for governor because I want to improve the lives of Oregon families across our state.

Earlier this month, I released my Roadmap for Oregon’s Future. It’s my plan to lead Oregon in a new direction by tackling homelessness, public safety, affordability, education and more. It’s the product of countless conversations I’ve had with Oregonians from all walks of life across the state. This roadmap represents my commitment to serve the needs of Oregonians with a clear vision for change, starting on Day One.

To improve the lives of Oregonians we must start by tackling the crisis in our streets. I will declare a homelessness state of emergency, unlocking the tools necessary to ensure homelessness is rare and temporary instead of permanent and chronic. I will advocate for the repeal of Measure 110, which decriminalized hard drugs like heroin and methamphetamine and worsened our addiction crisis. My first budget will expand investments in addiction and mental health supports and services so that Oregonians who need help, can get help—ensuring we address this crisis with both compassion and accountability.

My roadmap sets a path to restore community safety and the rule of law. Portland’s experience with increased violence is front page news. Homicides in 2021 were up 207% from 2019. People no longer feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Politicians have destabilized law enforcement by defunding the police and allowing political agendas to weaken community safety. My administration will stand with law enforcement and help put more officers on the streets to restore safety in our neighborhoods.

Oregonians need relief as the cost of living in Oregon continues to rise. From the cost of gas to the cost of buying a home, it has never been more expensive to live and raise a family in Oregon. My two opponents linked arms with Kate Brown to make Oregon one of the most expensive states in the nation. Together, they supported a $2 billion-a-biennium hidden sales tax and more than $5.3 billion worth of new gas taxes and vehicle registration fees. Their votes have added an extra layer of inflation at a time when we can least afford it. I will lead by vetoing unnecessary new tax increases, putting a moratorium on new mandates and reviewing existing regulations that drive up costs within my first 100 days.

Oregonians are rightly proud of our state. We’re blessed to live in a state with unrivaled natural beauty, hardworking people and strong communities.

But Oregon is not in this mess by accident. We are here because of the failed policies of Kate Brown and those in power who lowered education standards, made neighborhoods less safe and raised prices. We can’t afford more of the same failed ideas that have harmed Oregon and left too many Oregonians behind. I hope you will join me in working to lead our state in a new direction.

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