CAUGHT ON TAPE: S.C. Dem Candidate Backs Socialized Healthcare

Liberal Politician James Smith is embracing far-left positions.

The RGA writes:

As polls show him trailing Phil Noble for the Democrat gubernatorial primary in South Carolina, Liberal Politician James Smith is embracing far-left positions right out of the campaign platform of self-described socialist Bernie Sanders.

Video of Smith at a recent campaign event shows him being asked whether he would support a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer healthcare system, to which he emphatically replies “absolutely.” Smith’s decision to support costly, socialized single-payer healthcare that would burden middle-class families and hurt small businesses further shows just how out-of-touch he is with the people of South Carolina. As Smith races to the left in hopes of securing votes, will his Democrat primary rival Phil Noble join him in pushing for socialized healthcare?

AUDIENCE MEMBER:“Would you support Medicare-for-all?”

JAMES SMITH:“Absolutely, now keep in mind that in terms of universal health care, there’s only so much a governor can do, a lot of that has to be determined by federal legislation but I certainly believe in it. I’ve been to countries that can do that and I certainly believe America can do it as well.”


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