As Bob Stefanowski Surges, Connecticut Governor’s Race Is “Too Close To Call”

In deep-blue Connecticut, no less...

The RGA writes:

With just one week to go until Election Day, a new poll shows Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski surging in the Connecticut governor’s race.

The latest Quinnipiac survey shows Stefanowski in a statistical tie against Democrat candidate Ned Lamont as The Hartford Courant now calls the race “too close to call.” Stefanowski has also taken a five-point lead among independent voters, who constitute Connecticut’s largest single voting bloc.

As he continues to drive a pro-jobs agenda, pledging to cut taxes and restore fiscal responsibility after eight years of tax-and-spend policies, Stefanowski’s message is resonating with voters across Connecticut.

National Review: Connecticut's Gubernatorial Race Is A Referendum On Failed Democratic Fiscal Policies

Today, Connecticut is 46th in economic growth, 46th in road quality, 47th in state-pension funding, 47th in population growth, 50th in personal income growth since 2007, and since 1992 50th in employment growth. In 2016, GE moved its headquarters out of Connecticut after a tax increase, and Aetna and Alexion followed suit earlier this year. The state government has increased taxes twelve times in 27 years, and in 2020, the state government’s spending will outpace its revenue by 13 percent, a deficit of $2.6 billion. It’s the only state with both a death and gift tax, and it won the Tax Foundation’s award for highest tax burden last year.

A jarring report by the Hartford Courant found that Connecticut’s home prices still haven’t recovered from the housing crisis. Real-estate agent Joanne Breen leaves Courant readers with a message that echoes across the state, from crumbling foundations in northern Connecticut homes to the empty Aetna building in Hartford: “I’ve never seen us to be so far behind the rest of the country.”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski agrees, and he seems to be the only candidate who does. Stefanowski is running against Democrat Ned Lamont and Independent Oz Griebel to replace outgoing Democrat Dannell Malloy, who is not running again after serving two terms, and the race between the two serious candidates is, as of earlier this week, tied.