NH Dem Andru Volinsky Receives Fierce Backlash After Denying State Appointment Opportunities To Two Black Nominees

Volinsky Accused Of “Textbook Discrimination,” And Engaging In “Structural Political Racism”

Per the RGA:

Volinsky’s Efforts To Block Two African Americans From Serving The People Of New Hampshire “Sends A Bad Message To Our African American Community”

Charles Douglas, New Hampshire Union Leader: “[Volinsky’s] bias sends a bad message to our African American community and shows how ill suited he would be as a governor for all the people.”

WMUR: “Edwards became the second New Hampshire black conservative to be opposed by the three council Democrats — and denied a post — in two weeks.”

Volinsky’s Character Assassination Of School Board Nominee Ryan Terrell Was “Flat Out Wrong”

NH Journal Headline: “Volinsky Apologizes for Using Racially Charged Language Regarding African-American Nominee”

  • “… Volinsky called the nomination of Ryan Terrell, a 29-year-old African-American businessman, ‘demeaning,’ and accused Gov. Chris Sununu of engaging in ‘tokenism’ by nominating him — a particularly offensive phrase in the black community.”

Rogers C. Johnson, President Of The Seacoast NAACP: “In this day and age, when we should have learned from the recent events that just transpired, that perhaps we need to all come together, not as Republicans, not as Democrats, not as liberals, not as conservatives, but as people from the Granite State who want to do better for the people in the state. And what did they do? They made a choice based on politics for a person who is obviously qualified.”

Jeff Chidester, Seacoast Online: “Volinsky was flat out wrong when he also stated ‘(Terrell) has absolutely no qualifications for the job.’’’

  • “In rejecting Terrell, [Volinsky] said Terrell lacked ‘experience in educational governance.’ Apparently Volinsky feels entitled and believes it is his privilege to add that requirement to the qualifications, a requirement that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been applied to other candidates.”
  • “What Volinsky missed was the incredible journey traveled through the educational system and the talented business leader Terrell has become. Volinsky undervalued that journey, and as such missed an opportunity to help place someone on the panel that would have brought a much-needed unique voice to the board. Volinsky let partisanship get in the way of appreciating Terrell’s true character. As New Hampshirites, we should be appalled by how those we elected to represent us treated a fellow Granite Stater. We are better than this.”

James T. McKim, President Of The Manchester Chapter Of The NAACP: “The words that were chosen were unfortunate… the language was not necessary or appropriate.”

Andrew Cline, State Board Of Education Chairman: “Ryan Terrell is an exceptionally bright, thoughtful person who would’ve served with distinction on the Board of Education. He didn’t deserve to be personally belittled by an executive councilor and told, amazingly, to get in the back of the line, just for volunteering to serve his state.”

Volinsky’s Refusal To Grant A Hearing To Office of Professional Licensure Nominee Eddie Edwards Drew Stiff Rebukes From Local Black Lives Matter Leadership

NHPR: “Gov. Chris Sununu’s pick to lead the state’s licensing office says ‘structural political racism’ is to blame for his stalled nomination… Sununu nominated Edwards, who is Black, to the post in March and later urged the Executive Council to confirm Edwards to a $112,000 a year job without a public hearing, or risk the state being ‘shorthanded’ during the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratically-controlled council was unpersuaded and never gave Edwards’ nomination a hearing.”

  • “Edwards lay much of the blame on one councilor in particular: Concord Democrat Andru Volinsky, who called Edwards ‘unqualified’ and said he planned to oppose the nomination as soon as Sununu announced it earlier this year.”

WMUR: “Former law enforcement official and 2018 Republican congressional candidate Eddie Edwards charged Tuesday the three Democratic members of the Executive Council are guilty of ‘structural political racism’ in denying him a public hearing on his nomination to head the state licensing office.”

  • “Edwards wrote that the three Democratic councilors – led, he charged, by candidate for governor Andru Volinsky – ‘have structurally denied me a public hearing through tactics masquerading as delays.’ Sununu nominated Edwards to the post in mid-March.”

Black Lives Matter Manchester: “Andru Volinsky’s microaggressive comments have no place in politics. We strongly disavow his statements claiming that a black man had no expertise or experience in earning his position for the office of professional licensure and certification. Volinsky’s team has reached out to us asking for our approval but we will only condemn his behavior. Shame on you!”

  • Erika Perez, Black Lives Matter Manchester: “To be clear, denying a black man from a career opportunity because you do not agree w/ him is racist. Black lives matter isn’t a statement of convenience. Volinsky’s microaggression had consequences and will not be forgotten.”

Eddie Edwards: “Councilor Volinsky’ s statement about my qualifications was not only false but it also played into a racial stereotype long since removed from our society… In light of Councilor Volinsky’s self-proclaimed relationship with the NAACP and Black Lives Matter, it would be shocking if he were unaware of the historical context associated with false claims that black people are not qualified as a tactic to exclude them or deny career opportunities.”

  • “I’m not sure if there has ever been a better example of structural political racism… This is textbook discrimination; delaying, redefining, denying, moving the goal post or using a different set of standards.”

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