America’s Governors Lead Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Republican governors are leading as the nation comes together to confront the public health, economic, and societal consequences as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

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Republican governors are leading as the nation comes together to confront the public health, economic, and societal consequences as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. By taking bold action, Republican governors are at the forefront of combating the crisis, protecting the public, and easing the burden on families, small businesses, and workers. The decisive action and inclusive, hands-on approach adopted by Republican governors across the country serves as a model of effective leadership during times of crisis.

Governors “Have Taken A Lead Role”; “Decisive” Action In Confronting Pandemic

An Overwhelming Majority Of Americans, Regardless Of Political Affiliation, Approve Of The Job Republicans Governors Are Doing In Response To The Coronavirus Epidemic.

“In states with a Republican governor, 87% of Republicans who give their state’s chief executive positive marks are joined by 63% of independents and 61% of Democrats.” (Monmouth University, 3/23/20)

The New York Times: “Since the coronavirus began spreading, the governors have taken a lead role in issuing strict guidelines and stern warnings…”

The Wall Street Journal: “The nation’s governors have been the most decisive, effective political leaders dealing with the pandemic.”

ABC News: “…Governors are stepping up.”

CNN: “…Several Republican governors who have felt the burden of responding to the growing problem more acutely have taken drastic actions to try to contain the spread of the virus — implementing emergency restrictions and taking executive actions in line with recommendations from public health officials and experts.”

Pew Trusts: “Governors were the first to limit gatherings to specific numbers of people, the first to shut down businesses and community programs…”

The Hill: “States increasingly are leaning into stringent alarms and measures to protect their residents, from school and restaurant closures to banning public gatherings.”

“Most governors across the country have been holding near-daily press briefings, both to update the most recent case counts and to warn residents to stay home as much as possible. Crisis communications experts said that constantly hammering home the same message would pay dividends as the public becomes more aware of the virus’s threat.”


  • “Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday issued statewide shutdowns of all beaches, child care facilities, dine-in restaurants and bars in a bid to increase social distancing as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to grow in Alabama.” (Montgomery Advertiser)


  • “Former U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat whom Dunleavy defeated in the 2018 gubernatorial race, and former Gov. Sean Parnell, a Republican, will lead the so-called Alaska Economic Stabilization Team… Dunleavy’s office said the new team will work with his administration on an economic plan as the state prepares for the impact of the virus.” (Associated Press)


  • “As coronavirus spreads across Arizona, shutting down businesses and closing schools, Gov. Doug Ducey introduced an initiative Tuesday designed to bring together those who need help and those who want to give it. includes the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, that will direct money to frontline medical personnel, support for nonprofits that run food banks, homeless shelter and domestic violence facilities, and online learning.” (KTAR)


  • “[Governor Asa] Hutchinson’s order on unemployment insurance waived a one-week waiting period and made applicants immediately eligible to receive the benefits. It also eliminated any requirements to apply for the benefits in person.” (Associated Press)


  • “…Gov. Ron DeSantis has been calm and regularly visible, and the state has settled into a pattern of regularly updating the number of cases and tests.” (Tampa Bay Times)

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